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Rights are available for the following plays by Ron Destro:


STAN & SLAVSKI’S REHEARSAL. (2 actors, 8 pages)

Two old actors come to realize that they’ve spent their entire existence rehearsing their play of life, rather than performing it. First performed by the Shanghai English Drama Troupe, Shanghai, China.

SUBWAY STOPS. (7 actors, 8 pages)

A comedic and terrifying exploration of the life of each passenger on a stalled New York City subway train in the 1970s. Winner of the RSVP Brooklyn Playwrights Competition. First performed at the RSVP Theatre, Brooklyn.

DUCKS.  (2 actors, 4 pages)

An absurdist exploration of how magicians get their ducks, and what lies behind the closed door. First performed at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

HANGING WELL. (4 actors, 6 pages)

An absurdist and funny look at how, even in the lowest depths of life, one must never give up as better days are always near.

SLASHED CANVAS. (11 actors, 19 pages) 

A comic and serious look at a subversive work of art hanging in a gallery, which has the entire place in an uproar amidst cries demanding its removal. First performed at the Playwright’s Festival, Cocoa, FL.

WRITING WRONG.  (9 actors, 12 pages)

Four different writers comically illustrate the saga of the same two fictional lovers, as if penned by Franz Kafka, Woody Allen, William Shakespeare and Sigmund Freud. First performed by the West-Niners Company, London.

BLIND DATE. (2 men, 1 woman, 7 pages)

An absurd comedy where Bernie is trying to assess whether his blind date, the sightless Betty, is actually planning a date or a geography quiz. First performed at Renda Studios, NYC.

AD MEN.  (2 men, 1 woman, 8 pages)

Two male copywriters at a large advertising agency on Madison Avenue get schooled in sexism by a new female writer. First performed by the Aboutface Theatre Company, NYC.

BOLIVIAN OBLIVION.  (8 women - 3 in wheelchairs, 16 pages)

A misheard word leads to chaos and crisis for a just-married bride in the Ladies Room at a wedding reception hall. First performed by the National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped at Soho Repertory Theatre, NYC.


SHAKESPEARACY.  (3 actors, 84 pages)

A scholar is researching the life of William Shakespeare and inadvertently summons up the feisty spirit of the man from Stratford-upon-Avon, after which they are also visited by Edward de Vere, the earl of Oxford, and the two contenders in the contentious Shakespeare authorship question vigorously (and comically) challenge and debate each other until the victor becomes clear. 

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INDIRA’S DAUGHTERS. (5 men, 3 women, 73 pages)

Struggling among the dichotomies of life in India during a Sikh rebellion, an American photographer in New Delhi is forced to choose between achieving her lifelong dream or saving her marriage to a once-idealistic reporter after confronting the dowry burning death of a close Indian friend.

A DAY PICASSO MONA LISA STOLE. (6 men, 2 women, 111 pages)

After the Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre, there are only three questions to ask. Will Picasso deny knowing best friend, poet Guillaume Apollinaire, after he is arrested? Will he lift a finger to help best friend, poet Max Jacob, when the Nazis arrive? And will Pere Ubu’s Alfred Jarry shoot everybody?

THE CHILDREN OF THE CHAIRMAN.  (multicultural cast of 15 - 20, 89 pages)

Based on interviews with an unnamed Chinese dissident, the story of the world’s most tragic cultural revolution is told through the eyes of several families in a small Chinese village.